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Postal Marketing Campaigns
Let Business Mailing take the hassle out of postal marketing by running the entire campaign for you. This service includes the label printing, labelling and sending of the mail (including all postage costs) to your target market as per your exact requirements. If you don't have the internal resources to collate a large mail broadcast in-house then this is an essential managed service option for your business.
What does this service include?
Sending pre-packed envelopers or postcards to your target market

All outgoing postage costs

Business Mailing postal data (if required - but must be purchased separately at product price listed on the website)

Use of your own in-house postal data.

Mail merge from Excel/CSV to sticky labels

Sticky label packs

Label printing

Sticking the labels on to your mailer

Full postage costs (when sending to India based businesses only)

Failed mailers are returned directly to us

Handling of removal requests

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